Sunday, 6 October 2013

Love to Teach!

It's hard to believe that its October already. The sun is shining and its been a gorgeous weekend of catching up with friends, lapping up some fresh air and dancing. This time also marks 4 weeks from the date that I started my post as an SEN Teacher in London. The role is demanding and takes its toll at times but is also rewarding, FUN and incredibly inspiring in many ways.  It may be my name on the classroom door, but I have learnt more than I could ever have imagined from the children themselves and the people I work with. No two days are the same in school and I feel lucky to be there. 

Anyways, enough of my gushing! A couple of photos, sprung to mind when I started
writing this post, including the one on the right, which is of a display in my classroom. Friday will be our first class assembly in front of the whole school and parents, and I'm pleased to say that it will be on based Ancient Egypt. Along with lots of interesting Egyptian facts from the children in our assembly, I couldn't resist putting my own stamp on it, so yes, coin belts will be at the ready! I've been teaching some of the kids a short bellydance routine, whilst the rest of the class will be drumming. Fingers crossed our audience appreciate the kids' efforts, to dance and act like Egyptians. Wish us luck! 

The photo at the top of this post reminds us that regardless if you're a teacher or not, if you go about life genuinely loving what you do, you tend to attract loving experiences. I love teaching and learning new things from others, especially when subjects have been brought alive by someone who is passionate about what they are doing, because it makes me want to inspire others to enjoy learning from me, hopefully igniting their creativity every step of the way.

Shimmy On!

Nic ♥