Sunday, 22 December 2013

Festive Dance

With only 3 days until crimbo, I'm feeling festive as I wind 2013 down, and begin planning ahead for 2014. It's been a busy year of settling into routine at my new school and becoming a fully fledged teacher, which has been fantastic but kind of diverted me from from the amount of dancing I used to do.  Now though, as the dust has settled, its high time I shake off that hip belt and get my belly dance turbo grove back ON and moving into 2014.  

Troupe smiles with our lovely teacher, Maelle Bellydance
I have seen so many dancers progress to new heights over the past year through sheer determination and challenging themselves to keep progressing day by day.  As with anything, the efforts you put in, you basically get back out again and see results from, if you have gone about them in the right way.  Some dancers I know have entered competitions, and in some cases, deservedly become finalists; increased their amount of professional dance jobs with hard work; broadened their mindsets to new dance forms; performed in stage productions; and even surprised themselves at their own success.  All very inspiring and great food for thought.  

So the plan for 2014 is more dancing so I can be a better dancer, more FUN and finding a good mix between the day job and shimmying at night. Dr Wayne Dyer always says: "don't die with your music still in you", basically encouraging anyone who has any doubt about going for what they want in life to stop with the excuses and go DO IT! My day job will always be hectic, so finding a good balance in 2014, will definitely mean there's no chance of having any regrets about not fulfilling my dance dreams.

After an immense amount of dancing last weekend, including attending Fantastia, London's biggest Arabic Dance Festival, I caught up with old friends and met new people, all with one common interest - belly dance; a dance that enables us to celebrate, embrace and unleash our inner passions; dress up in sparkly costumes and feel fabulous. At Fantasia, I performed a troupe dance in the Gala Show using fan veils, a prop I'd never danced with before, but plan to use a lot more often because I enjoyed the dance so much. 

Here follows a few happy photo mementos from the dance weekend!

Shimmy On!