Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Shimmies

Bellydancer in army costume
It's 11 November, Remembrance Sunday - the day we remember and salute the bravery, dedication and determination of the service men and women who have fought for their countries. I pay kudos to anyone serving or has previously served in the army, and their gutsy approach towards standing up for what they believe in, often resulting in the freedom of others.  

All too often we see in our everyday lives, how unjust acts of cruelty can devalue the perceived "underdog", so they feel downtrodden and become weak. People take it upon themselves to go on a power trip to feel “big” and get one up on others, which is a crying shame in this day and age.  Unfortunately this happens within workplaces, communities, industries and countries; hence the wars, large scale disagreements, riots and upheaval caused for thousands of innocent people around the world. 

If folks learnt to hate less and LOVE more, by accepting one another, realising that nothing and no one is perfect, I believe that life as we know it would run a lot smoother with less wars for our serviceman to fight in.  What one person sees in another is ultimately a reflection of themselves so it’s better to let it go, and get on with life with a positive mental attitude.  

My take on things, is regardless of the quarrels and wars, its best to invest your own time and energy into fun and more creative pursuits to lift your spirits. We owe this to all of those people who lost their lives on the front line fighting for liberation. For me, my freedom and energy are invested in vigorously drilling bellydance workouts, combinations and choreographies for hours on end, as if I’m being shouted at and put through my paces by a sergeant major from the army.  I want to be a better dancer and by dedicating myself to my passion by taking command and going for it, I hope to continuously improve. With this, I pay ultimate respect to any bellydancer who has come up against the stereotypical odds, stuck to their guns and made a stand by focussing solely on the love of their passion and being true to the art form. 

So its days like today, we should all take the time to reflect on where our own energy is heading – is it mostly towards love or hate?  Also, to appreciate and remember what it takes for a person to stand up against the odds, be strong and do the right thing.

Happy Shimmies this Remembrance Day!


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