Monday, 4 June 2012

A diamond weekend!

It’s the Diamond Jubilee long weekend and London is buzzing like you wouldn’t believe. Millions of people all over the world are watching as Britain honours Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne for the past 60 years. There are street parties galore, magnificent parades with a carnival atmosphere, a star studded concert at Buckingham Palace and all sorts of other fun-filled patriotic comings and goings to celebrate.   

Whether you’re into royalty or not, 60 years is something to be commended for and inspired by.  As the second longest British monarch reigning since the age of 25 and now at the age of 86, the Queen has seen enormous change over the years with a lot of uncertainty along way, but has always remained poised and dedicated to her duties.  Among others, the Queen has seen the invention of things you and I take for granted today, like the telephone, compact discs, cash machines, the internet, post-it notes; and even the technology to enable people to walk on the moon.  Rumour has it that the Queen now has an ipod which she uses to listen to her favourite musicals on.  Time sure has changed over the years and I’ll bet she looks back surprised at how fast its flown.

So if you're celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, live it up and have FUN!  But remember the next time you start a project, or work towards something out of the ordinary, use the Queen as your inspiration to stick with it and see it through to the very end regardless of how tough it gets.  Give it your all and be a diamond yourself, because if it’s really worth it and you put your heart into it you'll learn valuable lessons along the way and may just surprise yourself at the results.
Happy shimmies :)


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