Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A flying picture!

Yesterday I received a link to the photos from the dance gig I did last weekend at a private party in a club in south west London.  When I saw the pictures of me and the other dancers, I was quite surprised because its rare for me to actually like many photos of me dancing.  Usually its the wrong angle or I don't like the facial expression I'm doing or my posture's not quite right.

However this photographerVladislav Kolev, seemed to just get it and took some lovely photos so I was pleased with the outcome. The photo below is of me twirling around with a veil, my favorite dance prop.   Click on image to see enlarged version.

As I close my eyes doing what I love (dance), I am in the moment feeling free and at ease. In my mind I am using the veil to fly, bring my spirit alive and embrace the beauty of bellydance.

I hope my dancing inspired the audience in the club that night to celebrate their own uniqueness, to fly high and tap into what they love by living in spirit.

Happy shimmies :)


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