Sunday, 8 July 2012

Come rain or shine...

It’s Sunday and as I gear up for a busy working week it’s so easy to get caught up in the dreary mood of the rainy weather we’ve been having in London lately.  Considering it’s officially summertime over here, the constant rain often puts people on a downer.

A couple of great mood elevators for me are my writing and dancing because they enable me to hone in on things I feel positive about rather than things I’m not so keen on.  However, as a visual person I also feel uplifted when I look at pictures that portray positive images and messages.  By chance, this weekend I came across a photo on facebook by Sannanda, which instantly inspired me. The photo’s tagline is “The caterpillar knows... when the time has come...”.  Rich in colour and vibrancy, this butterfly image stunningly represents the process of transformation.  

Whether we like it or not through some form or another everything and everyone changes, including people, animals, seasons, fashion trends, vehicles, the weather – the list is endless.  And in order to grow as a person and progress in life we all have to face facts and realise that we can’t control everything (including the weather!), so why get stressed about it?  By being open to making changes when we’re ready for them and going with the flow without forcing things, we can accept the things we cannot change and trust ourselves to know the difference. 

So for me, I can’t change the rain, but I can change what I focus on to brighten up my day.  Bring on the dancing, writing and sifting through positive images; and maybe the sun will eventually come out!

Happy Shimmies :)

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