Saturday, 15 December 2012

Festive Thoughts

Where has the year gone?  It’s that time again when most people are gearing up for the Christmas rush and reflecting on the ups and downs of 2012.  Whilst this time of year can bring in a sense of completion, for some it also brings in renewed hope, by making fresh plans for the New Year ahead.  

In this photo I’m feeling mesmerised and inspired, as I get ready to dance and watch another dancer's theatre performance.  With this, I now ponder deep in thought as to what the year ahead may bring to me and start to set myself goals to achieve. For me, it’s been a good year, and although its been challenging at times, there's been a lot of light bulb moments, and a strong sense of feeling that I need to do even more things to enjoy myself, like my dancing, creative writing and yoga in 2013. 

A few valuable lessons learnt from this year, are that no matter what happens, if any situation is approached with integrity, optimism and an open mind, the right result will come of it.  Either way, karma and a person’s own conscience bites if unjust has been done.  If I set my sights on something that’s worth having, if it’s truly meant to be and the effort is put in, it will come without any struggle, and if it doesn’t, its time to move on and reframe those goals, because life will still go on. 

Observing the children at my primary school helps to put things into perspective for me. Kids are naturally playful and life to them is filled with innocence and wonder.  You know when a child is sad because they tend to be upfront about it. When a child is happy its like all of their Christmases have come at once :)  As adults, we often feel the need to hold back and be responsible with our actions.  However, by just letting go, having fun like kids every now and then and learning to be upfront with our feelings, can be SO liberating!!! This, I plan to do more of right now, next year and beyond.

As I continue to be mesmerised and absorbed by my own passions, friends, family and all the special moments I’ve been lucky enough to experience this year, I have every faith in Christmas and the New Year, 2013, shaping up to be the best yet!

Happy shimmies and enjoy the festive season :)))


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