Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Simple joys of life

Just had an amazing Christmas with the family. Way too much to eat, drink, lovely pressies to open (and give) and lots of laughing. One of the highlights was definitely seeing and hearing my 6 year old nephew go crazy showing me how to dance to "Gangnam Style" lol.  It was a great experience being in such a happy environment, but I do realise and appreciate that not everyone can say the same.  

Many people are alone at this time of year, homeless, broke, feel depressed or are sick in hospital.  With this, I extend peace and warm thoughts to anyone that feels down on their luck because of the festive season bringing about sad memories of what they do not have.  I also take my hat off to charities and selfless volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the crimbo period to help make a difference to those in need.  A beautiful quote from Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens) falls into place here: “It is because I think so much of warm and sensitive hearts, that I would spare them from being wounded.” 

It may sound sentimental, but this time of year makes me feel grateful for the simple things I often take for granted throughout the year and think its high time others, especially those who are caught up in their status and getting to the top at any cost, pause for thought and realise just how lucky they are to be where they are today.   

So, rather than focusing on what's not there, the next time I raise a glass, dance or eat a meal, I'll be giving thanks and will remain grateful for all that I have including the simple joys of life.  

Festive Shimmies,


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